Customized Alerts

Customized Alerts

Every program and funding stream has different requirements. Track all the outcomes, due dates, reports, and anything else you need with customized alerts that can pop-up in any area you want.

Customized Reports

Customized Reports

What do you need? SharedVillage creates your reports to fit your programming. Have you ever attended a meeting and pulled real-time reports from your phone?!?

SV Help Requests

Instant Help/Requests

Have a question? Need a new feature (of course, at no additional cost!). A conversation with SharedVillage is a click away.

Money Saved!

Saves Money for Programming!

We created SharedVillage to help, not to syphon valuable funds that can be used for programming and those in need.

No need for staff to be dedicated to handle data. You shouldn't have to worry about data, databases, creating reports, or any other technical specialty. Let US handle that for you!
No Enterprise Requirements. Why pay more for an enterprise account?? If you need a report, send an in-system message and we'll make it for you. And of course, no extra costs for any work...feel free to make as many requests needed to get your job done!
Flat Rate - No Hidden Costs! We know that you have fixed budgets. We don't charge for any additional work, so when it is cruch time before your year reports, you don't have to choose between meeting all your requirements or a staff's salary.
Mobile Ready - Staff Use Phones and Tablets. Save money and time by doing work wherever you are! Not only is SharedVillage mobile-first, but you can use your phone/table's features like spell check and voice dictation.

...and more...

Security is Essential. SharedVillage meets the high complinace demands of HIPAA with a biforcated server system that ensures data is secure and monitored at all times. Our servers are managed to meet the compliance demands of HIPPA, EU Safe Harbor, and HI Trust.

Customizable to Every Need.The entire system is customizable from login to alerts, reports to referrals

Dashboards on Multiple Levels.Customizable dashboards on client, company, and program levels

Reports for Every OccasionAll reports are customizable to meet the specific demands of your program or company

Historical DataAll data-points are stored historicall, so no information is replaced or removed

Cloud - Phone, Tablet, Desktop. Access SharedVillage from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. No extra costs for mobil usage of course!

Collaborate and Share Clients. Work together on one client accross multiple agencies, programs, and companies

Friendly. Top satisfaction rating from front-line workers to administrators to funders and evaluators

Help/Support. Immediate in-system help and updates

Flat-Rate. Even if you order multiple reports, you pay a flat rate for an annual subscription, so no more worries about getting exactly what you need

just SOME of our subscribers and programs

National Hispanic Bar Association - LEF Wraparound Maryland, Inc. The Safe and Sound Campaign Inc. Delaware Prevention Behavioral Health
Wraparound Delaware, Inc. The Public Safety Compact Delaware Home Based Family Support Lead4Life, Inc.
Baltimore City Mental Health Case Management Delaware Mental Health Court Youth Care Center, Inc. Delaware Truancy Court
SharedVillage serves the entire Community